Buransh (Rhododenron)

Natural Product from Himalaya

Buransh (Rhododenron) is a beautiful forest flower of Himalayas. Pahadi Buransh Squash is beneficial in Blood Pressure, Asthma and Heart Diseases. Because of its innate coolness, Pahadi Buransh Squash is an effective cold drink. It is unique gift of the mighty Himalayas. Buransh flower offers mainly fibers and is good source of Potassium, Calcium, Iron and Vitamin C. Bright red color of this flower is due to presence of vitamin like flavonoid Quercetin. The flower offers good amount of phtyochemicals of medicinal value including phenols, saponins, xanthoproteins, tannins, flavonoid and coumarins. Three active compounds – quercetin, rutin and coumaric acid have been found in this flower. Interestingly these are the three compounds found in apple and responsible for its health benefits.

Local Name : Buransh, Burans

Botanical Name : Rhododendron arboreum


  • Buransh as anti-inflammatory
  • Buransh with pain killing ability
  • Buransh as an antioxidant
  • Buransh to treat diarrhea
  • Antimicrobial property of Rhododendron arboreum
  • Buransh flower juice good for heart
  • Buransh flower over allergies
  • Buransh flower juice to protect liver
  • Buransh and prevention of cancer
  • Skin benefits of Buransh flower


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