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Pahadi Pichoda – Bandhini

Connect to the roots of Pahadi culture and it is tradition from Kumaoni region.

A perfect traditional bridal attire for a Kumaoni bride, now becomes a prized possession for every woman in Uttarakhand in most of the family function.

  • Pichoda is a fine cloth or dupatta, yellowish orange in color with red/brown or maroon polka dots.  Due to its colour.
  • The design of Pichoda also consist a big Swastik with Sun, Shankh, Bell with ‘Om’ and Goddesses sign around its quadrants.
  • Traditional Ethnic Attire
  • Made from Cotton/ Polyester
  • 100% Original manufacture by Pahadikart


Pahadi Pichoda – Bandhini

Pichoda is a broad cotton stole either saffron or yellow in color dotted with pink or red polkas around a central feature, the Swastika. Though relatively unknown outside the Kumaon region, Pichoda is a traditional Kumaoni attire used as a head cover by married women attending a family function, for instance a like pooja, namkaran, mundan, janeu, or marriages in the family; the married women wear Pichora.


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